Testimonials From Owner Managed Homes Customers

New Custom Home - Greenville, TX
"We knew nothing about building a home, but we followed OMH's system and moved in 9 months after laying the foundation."
-Georgetown Customer
"We ended up with a home with upgrades we had not originally planned due to the cost savings."
-Elgin Customer
"We got frustrated with traditional builders who wanted to change our house plans to their house plans, so we went with Owner Managed Homes."
-Canyon Lake Customer
"Owner Managed empowered my wife and me to have more control in the building process."
-Liberty Hill Customer
"Our second home was built with Owner Managed Homes. Our first home with a regular builder. We found ourselves just as involved the first go around, but spent more."
-Lago Vista Customer
"We never could figure out how to afford to build a new home until we discovered the The Owner-Managed option."
-Marble Falls Customer
"Jeff walked us through every phase of the building process, we saved thousands and got the dream home we wanted."
-Smithville Customer