Stirring in Style: 8 Awesome Kitchen Design Trends to Include in Your New Home

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Editor’s Note 01/28/2024: Updated for 2024

When you buy a house, you don’t really have much of a choice when it comes to kitchen design. However, if you’re customizing your entire home from scratch, you have total control over your kitchen. 

Designing your own custom kitchen is exciting, but what if you don’t know anything about kitchen trends? You’ve probably already discovered that searching through the extensive list of modern kitchen designs can quickly get exhausting and there is a Right Recipe for a Dream Kitchen.

So to help, we’ve compiled this list of the most popular kitchen design trends we see and install.

1. Flat Kitchen Islands

Dual-level kitchen islands are attractive to some homeowners due to their bar-style setup, and the extra hidden area where dirty dishes can be hidden. It might be tempting to go with a dual-level kitchen island as well, but this type of kitchen island is just not ideal. 

Homeowners are now making the switch to single-level kitchen islands. Completely flat kitchen islands offer up more than ones with a second level. The next time you run out of space on your regular countertop, turn around and start using the expansive space on your single-level island. 

2. Contrasting Floors

Many kitchens can look unwelcoming if the color scheme is entirely white–nothing screams harsh more than white tables, white floors, white cabinets, and white appliances all in the same room. White kitchens may have been a trend at one time, but many homeowners have realized that this design is way too blinding.

Make your kitchen warm and inviting by adding a dark-colored floor. A wooden floor with a dark brown stain adds much-needed contrast to a light-colored kitchen. You can still keep the white kitchen accessories–just don’t overdo it by installing white tiles. 

3. Tile Backsplash

Instead of using paint on all the walls in your kitchen, add a unique touch with a tile backsplash. A kitchen backsplash can cover every wall or it can be limited to the space between the counter and the cabinet. It’s perfect for giving your kitchen a pop of color. 

Some kitchen backsplashes can even double as shelves. Skip out on upper cabinets and install a small shelf with a backsplash instead. This style adds a look of simplicity to your kitchen, and the ledge can be used to place decorations on. 

Choose from a wide variety of tile designs. From mosaic to marble to faux brick backsplashes, there are so many directions you can take when customizing your new kitchen.

4. Countertops Made of Quartz

Homeowners are opting for kitchen countertops made of quartz rather than wood or granite. Quartz countertops don’t require any sealing like granite does, and they have a very sleek appearance. The mineral can also be sculpted into angular countertops or rounded kitchen islands depending on your taste. 

To maintain a quartz countertop, frequently wash it with soap and water–any stains will easily come off by gently scrubbing it. Another benefit of having a quartz countertop is that it is nonporous, meaning that any mold, mildew, or bacteria won’t be absorbed into the surface. 

5. Pantry-Style Kitchen

Some homeowners are cutting down on the number of cabinets and countertops inside of their kitchen. They’ve made the choice to maximize the amount of storage in their kitchen by using pantry-style storage. Instead of installing wraparound counters with cabinets on top, homeowners are designing their kitchens with a wall of storage. 

The storage units are basically long and thin closets that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Add a wall that has lower cabinets with a counter, along with a kitchen island–then you’ll have a kitchen with ample storage and space. 

6. LED Lights

LED lights are a fantastic green approach to homebuilding. They conserve much less energy than halogen bulbs and last way longer. Yes, you can use an LED light for the light fixture on your ceiling, but that doesn’t have to be its only use. 

Install LEDs below your top cabinets to shed light on your countertops. You can even place lights on your toe-kick, or choose to spruce up your kitchen island by incorporating LEDs as well.  

7. Kitchen Curtains

Modern homeowners are taking advantage of the bright sunlight that flows in through their windows. Kitchens have become brighter than ever, but still need curtains to cover the windows. Not only do curtains provide privacy, but they can also be used as an accent. 

The color of your curtain can have a huge impact on your kitchen. A colorful curtain with a print can make your kitchen more lively, while a more subdued and neutral color can keep your kitchen looking contemporary. 

If you want constant sunshine in your kitchen but don’t want the neighbors looking in, consider investing in screening materials that let you see out, while preventing anyone from looking in. 

8. Hidden Range Hoods

Range hoods are sometimes used as a centerpiece, but trends are leaning towards a more minimalist approach. Range hoods often come in a harsh stainless steel finish and tend to stand out too much. If you’re looking to design a kitchen that has a modern appearance, you’ll want your range hood to blend in. 

Conceal your range hood with a color that matches your cabinetry. You can even get clever and disguise your range hood as kitchen cabinets. This way, guests won’t even realize there’s a range hood above the stove.  

Create Your Own Kitchen Design

Having full creative control over your kitchen can make your design experience a lot of fun. Don’t worry if there are several kitchen designs that you love and want to combine–custom building your house allows you to make your kitchen entirely your own.

Once you figure out what kitchen design trends to install, you’ll be one step closer to building the kitchen you’ve always wanted. 

If you’re thinking about building your own custom home, we can help. You’ll have the opportunity to be fully engaged in the homebuilding project from beginning to end. For more information about building your custom home, take a look at our building package options to find a plan that’s right for you. 


Ultimately it’s what makes you happy. Trends come and go, so pick and choose what you like, what makes you happy. Be bold, take a chance, and build your dream kitchen! Finally, a few 2024 predictions in kitchen design trends from our elegant friends at The Spruce as everyone loves predictions!